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Epil-center beauty salon website

Project Details:

Client: Epil-Center

Type of site: Landing Page

Type of work: Creating a Landing Page, seo optimization

Date: 2017


Epil-Center is a beauty salon specializing in electro hair removal services using modern equipment.


Attracting customers through memorable Landing Page.


Website development, content filling, search engine optimization.

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In 2017, we received an order to develop the Landing page with an unobtrusive and beautiful design. The site was supposed to be as simple to use and contain a small amount of information about the service.

Since the customer wanted the simplest site as soon as possible, we offered him one of our templates, which was eventually involved in creating the landing page. The template was adapted to the requirements of the customer using CMS WordPress.

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After creating the Landing Page, our SEO specialists set to work. Their work was to optimize the site for search engines.

In parallel with SEO-optimization, our company was engaged in the design of the content component, the selection, and design of images.


The site has been implemented and transferred to the customer in a timely manner. Almost immediately he showed a high conversion rate (at 5%).

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