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Multi Tech Investment LP

Automated trading systems development website

Project Details:

Сlient: Multi Tech Investment LP

Type of site: Corporate website

Type of work: Website development, content filling

Date: 2018


Multi Tech Investment LP — a company that develops automated trading systems in financial markets designed for professional traders and investors.


Redesign of the website and increase customer loyalty.


Analyze the old company website. Create a new, more convenient for customers. Fill a resource with content.

screenshot 2 1 - Multi Tech Investment LP (ENG)

The customer wanted to create a new site since the old one was not convenient for customers. The project needed to be done quickly, so we offered the client our template. That is, we recommended our service - selection and customization a template.

screenshot 4 - Multi Tech Investment LP (ENG)

Using the CMS WordPress, we selected a template that was soon adapted for the customer. An individual style of the site, which corresponded to the wishes of the client was selected. After that, our experts were engaged in the content filling.


The site with a new design was launched on time.