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"Лабораторія Одягу"

Online medical clothing store

Детали проекта:

Client: Victor Kostiuk

Type of site: Online store

Type of work: Development

Date: April 2018

Link: https://laod.com.ua/

The first Kiev online store of high-quality and stylish medical clothing in the Ukrainian language.

Increase sales and the number of customers on the Internet.

Development and launch of the project, filling the site with content and building a promotion strategy.

laod 1 - Лабораторія Одягу en

As the basis we took the OKAY CMS content management system - it was best suited for the implementation of the project of a small online store with the possibility of online payment, adaptability, and flexibility to customize all components.
We took one of the available templates for the store, filled the site with goods and set up the possibility of making purchases through the site, a feedback form, several methods of making a payment and added information about the delivery.

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The site has been optimized for the search, and the customer was provided recommendations for the further advancement of the web resource. We transferred it from the local resource to the Customer’s server, set up the site using the https protocol and opened it for indexing.
We instructed the client's representative to use the administrative part of the site, accompanying the information with the necessary visual materials.

The project was successfully launched and highly ranked in the Google search engine.