CineNova 01 - CineNova center eng

CineNova center

CineNova shopping center website

Project Details:

Client: CineNova

Type of site: Corporate website

Type of work: Development

Date: May 2018


CineNova - the largest shopping center of the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt, with a huge number of shops, restaurants, lounge areas, and a cinema.

Creating a corporate website to improve the image and level of customer service.

Development and launch of the project, technical and SEO site optimization.

CN2 - CineNova center eng

The site of the CineNova shopping center was developed in 2018 according to the design provided. As a CMS we used WordPress. During the discussion of the project, we provided recommendations about the design optimization, most of which were approved by the customer. After that, using Unyson the layout of the pages and their integration into WordPress was carried out.

CN1 - CineNova center eng

The website not only includes a regular set of pages, but also a system that uploads the movie schedule of the cinema, which is situated in the mall. Our specialists loaded all the necessary content on the site, tested all the elements, taking into account the necessary adaptability of the resource.


After coordination with the customer, the project was successfully launched. All the necessary actions for the primary SEO-site optimization were done, and also the detailed instructions for the work with this system were given.