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The site of the tourist club Kuluar

Project Details:

Client: Taras Pozdniy

Type of site: Corporate website

Type of work: Development, SEO optimization, web promotion

Date: 2018

Link: https://kuluarclimbing.com/

The Kuluar Tourist Club is one of the best professional teams in the CIS, which makes climbing on the highest peaks in the world available to everyone.

Development of a modern website, optimization for further promotion.

Development and launch of the project, technical and SEO site optimization, content filling, promotion.

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The client applied to Vimex web studio with a decision to create a website for a company providing climbing organization services with mountaineering elements, providing a ready-made design.
The site will always be complemented by new routes, reviews, and other useful information, so it was necessary to provide easy content editing from the administrative panel. We chose WordPress as a CMS and started to adapt the design and all elements for this system.

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The following works were implemented:

  • Page making and integration of a unique design under CMS WordPress
  • Implementation of a convenient and flexible page builder that allows you to create any structural elements of the resource much more quicker
  • Creating a functional filter for the agreed parameters with a sample of dates, guides, regions
  • Creating a graphics system of climbing with customizable parameters
  • Creating reviews pages with the ability to filter by the required values
  • Realization the system of quick requests from the site
  • Optimize the speed of loading pages
  • Microdata and basic SEO optimization for further resource promotion


The project has been successfully launched, at the moment the content filling is in process