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Hug's Fund

Investment platform

Project Details:

Client: Eric Nyman

Type of site: Landing Page

Type of work: Development, preparation of marketing strategy


HUG'S - investment platform, landing page, business project. Ukraine's first robot manager - an automated advisor on managing a portfolio of securities. An algorithmic approach to the individual distribution of assets. Only online investment services. The project was established in cooperation with the Capital Times.

Development and launch of the project. Promotion and increase in sales. Increasing audience loyalty and company recognition.

Provide information about the product, form an image, motivate users to invest, convert the target audience into investors.

RA6 - Hug's Fund eng

The project started with the preparation of a comprehensive technical task and a description of the strategy for the implementation and launch of the product. Further, on the basis of the agreed technical task, the team, which was allocated to work on the project, conducted a number of brainstorms to create the necessary site structure. As a result, the prototype of the page was created. They were presented to the customer and agreed. On the basis of the prototype, our expert drew the design. The challenge for the designer was the implementation of a rather cumbersome financial calculator in mobile interfaces, where even simple forms, not to mention a financial calculator, are hard to fit into one screen.

RA7 - Hug's Fund eng

The implementation of the investment calculator programming process was a difficult part to implement - it should work reliably and exactly as a Swiss watch. The calculator uses complex economic models and a large number of different formulas. Calculation of data occurs in a fraction of seconds and does not require any page reloads and additional actions from the user. Our teamlead handled the task and as a result, the customer was satisfied. We optimized the site for better display in search engines and a good ranking.

The project was successfully created, presented to the customer, and launched. Thanks to the responsible work of the team, attention to details and approach to the client - the customer ordered another project from the Wimex team to complicate the economic model of the calculator and refine investment strategies as well as display investment forecasts on an interactive chart.