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Favorite fishing

Online store of fishing goods

Project details:

Client: Favorite fishing

Type of site: Online store

Type of work: Design development, layout, programming, SEO optimization



an international manufacturer of fishing tackle for predatory fish with headquarters in Ukraine, USA, Japan and production facilities in East Asia. Founded in 2006 by professional fishermen and sportsmen as a local brand in the structure of a large distributor of fishing goods, today the company sells brand products in 42 countries of the world.


Increase sales by improving the functionality and appearance of the site.


Create an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that combines elegant design solutions that enhance the company's image. Develop convenient functionality for the selection of products, as well as the ability to display a series of products on the landing pages.
Create multivitrines for displaying products in different countries with control from one administration panel.
To motivate users to purchase goods and return to the company's website.

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The project started with the preparation of a comprehensive technical assignment. A separate team of specialists was allocated for the project, which, based on this technical task, conducted a number of brainstorms to create the site structure. The finished prototypes of the pages were presented to the customer and approved. Further, an interface design specialist joined the work. He developed a unique page design in bright colors, which has been "easy" for the user experience.

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To ensure the required functionality, the progressive content management system cs-cart was chosen. This cms allows you to customize the display of content on the pages, without additional involvement of programmers.

Our team created several language versions of the site, configured filters and activated multicurrency. Also, the goods were transferred from the old site. In addition, we added a feature that allows you to display products to different regions. In this case, users are directed to their local storefront, and the system automatically calculates the country from which the site was entered.

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The WIMEX team connected the “New Mail” delivery module and configured SMS alerts with order information. Additionally, the payment system "Liqpay" was connected.

A module has been created on the site that allows you to set up an email newsletter. We conducted SEO optimization, which allowed the site to rise in the ranking. The page micro-layout is set up, the redirects system is configured.

The site has undergone a comprehensive optimization to speed up the loading and caching of information. This was necessary for users with a weak Internet could quickly open any page of the site on mobile devices.


The project was successfully created and presented to the customer. Due to the responsible work of the team, attention to detail - the customer ordered another project from the WIMEX team, to redesign and update the functionality of another company site.